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Lenaneo Business Cards

Introduce yourself with style!

Contactless business cards and contact page

  • Design

    Build a custom design with an experienced team.

  • Order

    Pick the right pack for you or custom make a pack for you and your team.

  • Use

    Introduce yourself boldy with your contactless business card loaded with ALL your contact details available for scan and save!


Do we pay annually?

The QR code will be yours for a lifetime upon initial approval. The annual fee applies to the link if you choose to have one. We can host you for the contacts link only for 12 months at a time. Thereafter a renewal can be agreed upon depending on your needs.

Can the card details be changed?

Someone’s details can be changed online only by us for free within the first 6 months after approval (printing of a new card is separate).

  • Thereafter a change to online card is per card at P50/card for the remainder of the 12 month term.
  • After 12 months a new arrangement will have to be agreed upon going forward.
  • Physical re-printing of cards will come at a cost at P25/card given that the design stays the same and only changes made are to the QR code.
Can we design our card?

The design of the card is part of the package and may be done in consultation with you.

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